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Another Dimension: DBZ Fanworks
Fan Fiction

These are original works by fellow DBZ fans.  See how other fans envision the things we never see in the series. 



Worlds Apart

By SSJSongfox

NC-17   *Lemon* This is my first Fan Fiction. I wanted my first attempt at capturing the world of DBZ to be classic. There are conflicts based on the series - the union of Vegeta and Bulma, the many battles facing the Z-senshi, the effects on their relationships, and the conflict between ChiChi and Goku over maturity. The storyline we never see gets many new twists and turns. A force the warriors have never encountered before has been waiting for the ideal time to show itself. It begins as one entity and evolves into many different forms, allowing mass confusion to create the opportunity to wipe out the most powerful people that stand in the way. Strengths and bonds will be tested, as will warriors. They'll have to figure out who is manipulating their lives, and work out their personal conflicts, all in time to save the very world that ostracizes them.

The Rising

By Lisa Starr

NC-17   *Lemon* Set between the Frieza and Cell Sagas, this is a Vegeta and Bulma get together story.  Bulma and Vegeta are starting to notice one another - starting to act on their feelings.  But a new adversary from the past has come into the world of DBZ, presenting the desire for complete control.  Can Vegeta and Bulma make sense of it all, defend themselves and still manage their feelings for each other?  Yaumcha, Goku, ChiChi, and Gohan also play large parts in the story. 

Shattered Tranquility

By Lisa Starr

NC-17   *Lemon* The sequel to "The Rising".  Taking place right after the Cell Saga, Vegeta and Bulma have been involved.  Trunks has been born, Goku is dead, and life has moved on from the episode with Seti and Teya...or has it?  While Vegeta is working on coming to grips with his feelings for Bulma, the whole crew from "The Rising" is faced with a familiar evil.  A VERY good sequel...

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